this will make things a lot easier

If you Having a problem with a booking system, Payment method or finding the right date for your trip, Don’t worry we’re here to help.


Where can I apply Promo code ?

to get more discount

The Promo code section is in the “Check out page” After you select the actual date for your trip, It will lead you to Check out page for you to fill some of your personal information. Promo code section will locate at the top of the page, just type in the code and click apply and you’re ready to go.

What do I do after the payment was paid ?

Don't worry, We'll reach you

After the payment was done, You will get the email to confirm that your order. We will also get the notifications from the system that there’s a payment confirmed. We will contact you as soon as we got the email. Just sit back and relax.


Got some Questions? Feel free to ask us anytime.


Is it Net Price ?

All the price are the same

All The Price are TAX, VAT, Credit Card Fee and Pick up Service Included. That’s mean you don’t have to pay more!


Pick up and drop off location ?

Anywhere but there's little limitations

We can pick you up at where you live or right in front of your hotel. To be specific, We can pick you up and drop you off anywhere you want but only in Chiang Mai City.

Can I Refund my Order ?

Sorry To inform you that we can't

Please make sure before you place an order. Check your travel date, Pick up location and else. After you make a payment and the transaction has been completed. It can be refunded.

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